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Electronic Reading Room 
The Electronic Reading Room is housed in a friendly environment in the centre of Athens, at the Science and Technology Library "K. Th. Dimaras" on the premises of the National Hellenic Research Foundation. At a modern interactive environment, with 22 workstations activated through “smart cards”, the Electronic Reading Room grants its visitors access to a massive amount of S&T content, as well as to numerous services.

The Electronic Reading Room is open from morning till late in the afternoon, and is equipped with printing and information storing facilities.

To access the Electronic Reading Room, visitors need to apply for a personal "smart" card. Information on the procedure, the cost (15-25 euro) and the operation regulation is available at the Helpdesk.

The Electronic Reading Room is accessible on Monday-Friday, from 8.30 to 20.00, for the period September-June, and from 8.30 to 15.30, for the period July-August. It is closed on 1-15 August.

Print Collection Reading Area
The Library also has an area for studying and using printed documents, with a facility for copying the scientific material available. The Library also houses the National Archive of PhD Theses that brings together all PhDs conducted at Greek universities.

For more information: S&T Information Services Helpdesk:




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