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Digital Library of Science & Technology
The collection and management of digital content constitutes a core activity of EKT. Aiming to provide open access to information, it operates the Science & Technology Digital Library, as well as personalized Information Services.

The Digital Library comprises Greek and international content in digital form, in all sectors of science and technology, with integrated research and retrieval capacities. The content is accessible to all interested parties through the Electronic Reading Room, and partly through the website. The Digital Library includes:

  • 12,000 titles of scientific journals from the world's biggest publishers covering all knowledge subjects and with the capability for thematic search, navigation and retrieval of the full text;
  • 3,000 electronic books and book series extending over a wide range of scientific fields;
  • 55 international searchable databases (including citation index), electronic dictionaries and encyclopedias;
  • 27 Greek databases on science and technology;
  • Greek collections digitized by EKT, such as the National Archive of PhD Theses with more than 14,000 full text dissertations, Publications from the Academy of Athens, the Greek history and civilisation archive collection PANDEKTIS: 11 collections of the Humanities Institutes of NHRF, coin collections, virtual restoration of the Parthenon Frieze etc.;
  • Special thematic collections with informative material (bibliographies, studies, conference proceedings, journals etc.) on cutting-edge issues of the Information Society;
  • Selected Web links for various science and technology fields.

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