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Enterprise Europe Network-Hellas

The Enterprise Europe Network ? Hellas is the largest network of integrated business support in Greece since it comprises 16 industrial associations, research and technology organisations, chambers of commerce and industry, governmental SME Agencies and established Innovation players with long experience of cooperation at national level and distinguished performance in both the Innovation Relay Centre (IRC) and the Euro Info Centre (EIC) networks, at European level. The Network is coordinated by the National Documentation Centre (EKT). As member of the corresponding European network, the Enterprise Europe Network - Hellas provides international business cooperation services, information on European policies, innovation and technology transfer services as well as services for encouraging SMEs? participation to the European programs for Research and Technology.

The Enterprise Europe Network ? Hellas shares the vision of its constituent partners, summarized in the following Mission statement:
- To boost competitiveness in Greek enterprises (especially SMEs);
- To support the development of the less-favoured regions in the country;
- To promote and facilitate innovation in enterprises as well as entrepreneurship in RTOs;
- To strengthen the links between research, business, finance;
- To foster economic and environmentally sustainable growth and employment;
- To enhance European interaction in business, technological, economic & political terms.

The Enterprise Europe Network - Hellas offers the whole range of services envisaged by the Entrerprise Europe Network:
- Information, feedback and international business cooperation services
- Innovation, Technology and knowledge transfer services
- Encouraging SME participation to the FP RTD programme

Enterprise Europe Network-Hellas