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Greek Scientific Publications 1998-2012: A bibliometric analysis based on data from the Web of Science Database


The National Documentation Centre of Greece (EKT) has launched a study series based on bibliometric analyses which produce established and reliable indicators for research activity in Greece. The study series "Greek Scientific Publications: a Bibliometric Analysis of Greek Publications in International Scientific Journals" aims to identify the basic characteristics of Greek scientific output and to explore Greece's position in the international scientific landscape.

The study's findings are presented with the use of interactive charts and maps which illustrate the results in a more comprehensible and user-friendly way.

The latest study is based on data from the Web of Science Database. According to the study, after the small decline observed in 2010, the number of Greek publications is again growing, reaching 11.138 publications in 2012.

Greece is highly ranked among EU28 in terms of publications per unit of R&D expenditure (8,327 publications per unit GERD) or per researcher's FTEs (0.462 per researcher FTE). In addition, Greek publications are increasingly cited internationally receiving a total of 279,178 citations in the five year period 2008-2012. Accordingly, their citation impact is fast growing reaching 5.23 citations per publication, very close to the average of EU and OECD countries (5.70 citations per publication).