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Operational Programme "Information Society"

At the threshold of the 21st century, Information Society produces new data and new opportunities for prosperity and quality of life. Its development is based on the rapid development of information technology and communications. These technologies are an essential instrument for open and effective management as well as an improvement of the competitiveness between businesses. They create new methods of work, new skills and the need for continuous learning and adaptation to the education system and contribute to the improvement of the quality of life by providing improved services in health, transport and protection of the environment.

In order to promote Information Society in Greece by a cohesive and integrated method, the Operational Programme "Information Society" (OPIS) has been introduced to the 3nd Community Support Framework (CSF). OPIS has an innovative and horizontal character, entering into different government services. It consists of completely integrated and additional operations in various sectors of economic and social life, to act as a catalyst in the development of Information Society in Greece. It aims to apply the most important points of the White Paper of the Greek Government entitled "Greece in the Information Society: Strategy and Actions" of 1999 and, at the same time, to achieve the aspirations which were placed within the framework of initiative eEurope and the Action Plan eEurope 2002, approved by the Feire European Council of June 2000.

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Operational Programme "Information Society"